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Dr Ravi Jain

Dr Ravi Jain is medical director of Riverbanks Clinic in Harpenden and central London. The only UK doctor trained in all four levels of Vaser Liposelection, he is known for his body contouring treatments and for facial aesthetic treatments which leave patients looking absolutely natural.

He qualified in medicine from the Royal London Hospital in 1995 and has held posts at The Royal London, St. Bartholomew’s and St. Mary’s Hospitals. Early in his career he trained in gynaecological laparoscopic surgery before training as a GP.


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Look, no more muffin tops!
My clothes fit so much better

Riverbanks Wellness

Not all treatments for muffin tops are equally effective

Learn which one gets rid of the most fat – Learn which one gets rid of the most fat – and which is considered the gold standard

I've been a regular at Riverbanks for several years and would never go anywhere else. I have always felt that I've been treated as an individual, with my own particular requirements, and can always rely on Dr Jain for an honest and caring approach. I am a very satisfied client!
- Barbara


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3 key aesthetic procedures can help you get rid of muffin tops. This report walks you through all the pros and cons of each

Every treatment has its own downsides. 

Get an honest evaluation of their cons as well as their pros, from Dr Ravi Jain, one of London’s best-known aesthetic doctors. 

The treatments vary widely in price

Discover which offers the best value for money

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